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Last of the Summer Sunshine?

It’s late September and there’s plenty of evidence

that autumn has now arrived on

Greenstead Slopes and in Ghost Woods…


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Beautiful Bluebells…

I took some photos

on the slopes

and in the woods today,

and here are just a few:

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Dangerous Behaviour…

It’s been noted that in recent weeks
someone has created a bike racing track
through Ghost Wood.

moss cleared

Moss has been cleared on the ground,
and obstacles positioned for ‘jumps’.

bike tracks

There are also visible bike tracks
in the mud.


This is a highly dangerous activity
in an area enjoyed by
dog walkers and families.

track across path

Colchester Borough Council are aware
and will be making the area safe.


Notices will be put up
and leaflets distributed locally.

deliberate obstacle

You are urged to phone the police
if you see any bikes on the slopes
or in the woods.


We have to put a stop to this
before someone gets hurt!


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Picture 053

We appear to have a few

pretty little snowdrops

dotted around the slopes.

Picture 040

In Ghost Woods

the fabulous Silver Birches

look rather splendid

against the blue sky.

Picture 029

The trees are full

of chirping birds.

Picture 027

Here’s a short video clip.

(Turn your speakers on!)

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Flat As A Pancake…

20150919_102750It’s now mid-September and the council has cut down all of the long grasses

on Greenstead Slopes.

The result means everything now looks very bare, and very flat.


20150919_10335820150919_103753The woods look quite pretty in the dappled light,

and there’s an abundance of webs wherever you go.



Click here for a short video:

There’s now not much in the way of colour, other than green,

but you can occasionally spot a yellow dandelion or a pale pink bramble.20150919_105402

Not long now before our Picnic and Planting Day

on October 10th…


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Summer Sunshine…

Picture 008

Picture 017

It’s the first of August and the slopes are positively buzzing with a million,

no a BILLION, grasshoppers!

Picture 018

Picture 020

Picture 023

Picture 028

The wildlife currently in the woods and on the slopes is amazing.

In just one hour I saw dozens of different types of butterflies

along with a variety of bees.

Picture 031

Picture 035

Picture 036

This is what a ‘proper’ meadow should look like – tall grasses full of thistles,

clover and a vast array of plants I don’t happen to know the names of,

along with mowed areas for people to enjoy the open spaces

with a picnic or simply sunbathing on a summer’s day.

Picture 041

Picture 042

Picture 046

Picture 052

Picture 063

We’re extremely lucky to have such a wonderful area right on our doorsteps

to enjoy whenever we want to.

Long may it continue to be as fabulous as it is right now…

Picture 068

Picture 070

Picture 073

Picture 085

Picture 094

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Buttercups and Daisies…



It’s a slightly clammy Bank Holiday Sunday, but nonetheless I ventured up to
Greenstead Slopes and Ghost Woods for a look at the rather lovely display of
buttercups (and daises).






It’s remarkable what a few days rain can do,
and the undergrowth has really shot up.
The nettles and sheep’s parsley are particularly tall right now.






The slopes really are now looking like a proper ‘meadow’,
bringing back all manner of happy childhood memories.
It’s very important that children these days have the
same opportunities to enjoy the simple things in life
such as making daisy chains, having family picnics
and generally having a wonderful time outdoors.





This can ONLY be achieved by making sure that
Greenstead Slopes and Ghost Woods
remain free from the health and safety hazards
that litter and dog fouling create.





As you probably know by now, the Keep the Green Clean project
was recently given two Community Awards.
These awards were not given to any individual or group of specific people;
they are for EVERYONE in the community who puts their litter in the bins provided and who pick up after their pets.


(Our posh new litter bin!)

That’s a big THANK YOU to him, to her, to them to us……and to YOU!!
Lets now build on that success and all pull together to help to make
Greenstead Slopes and Ghost Woods even better!!


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