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Exciting News!

get ready

In keeping with the KTGC theme
of providing a legacy for
future generations,
we recently applied to
The Woodland Trust
for some free trees.

We are pleased to announce
we have been granted
a copse pack!


We will soon receive
the following saplings:
10 Silver Birch
10 Wild Cherry
10 Rowan


These new trees
will fit in well
with our current species
and will encourage
birds and other wildlife.


We are due to meet
with Colchester Borough Council
to discuss the exact positioning
which will probably be
adjacent to ghost wood.

As soon as we have
further information
we will let you know…

The Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust on Twitter

The Woodland Trust on Facebook

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Bluebell Season…

It’s that time of year again, where the blossom is out on the slopes

and ghost wood is looking rather splendid with it’s carpet of blue.




If you can, I’d strongly suggest you take a walk around there asap

– it really is a lovely sight.












The slopes have a smattering of buttercups, however,

the display of yellow doesn’t quite match the performance of previous years.

Maybe next year…?



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A Warm Summer Evening…

Picture 042

It’s July, and what a fabulous time of year to take an early evening stroll around

Greenstead Slopes and Ghost Wood.

Picture 050


Picture 059

This evening the tall grass was almost deafening with the sound of

grasshoppers and crickets,

while the birds in nearby trees were busy singing away.

Picture 080

An abundance of hedgerow butterflies were just about everywhere.

Big ones, small ones and every size in between.

Picture 032

Picture 056

Picture 060

Without all of the litter, and with the dog poop minimal,

this really is a very pleasant place to spend a warm summer evening nowadays.

Picture 037

Picture 040

Picture 071

Picture 013

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May Bank Holiday Sunday…

Greenstead Slopes are looking stunning with all the buttercups and Ghost Wood is a mass of sheep’s parsley and bluebells. There’s constant birdsong wherever you go in the wood and thanks to the constant efforts of a handful of volunteers the litter and dog poop situation is slowly getting under control.

Of course, if it wasn’t for the small minority of irresponsible pet owners then the task would be a lot easier to deal with ….and less disgusting…











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Bluebells in Ghost Wood…

These photos were taken  in Ghost Wood on  Tuesday 15th April 2014.










While I was in the woods I bumped into several responsible dog owners (poopi bags with them) who all commented on how beautiful the woods looked with all of the bluebells and how wonderful the scent was.

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Ghost Wood

Although Greenstead consists of a huge council housing estate, those of us who live here are blessed with the opportunity to enjoy wildlife within a 10 minute walk from wherever you are. To the bottom is the large and fabulous Salary Brook Nature Reserve, and at the top is the small but perfectly formed Ghost Wood.


(Click image to enlarge).

Historically, Ghost Wood has been inhabited by the dregs of society and been the victim of vandalism and dumping. These groups wrecked the trees and bushes where birds and animals nested, they lit fires that destroyed everything in sight and left piles of dirty needles, cigarette ends, beer cans and broken bottles all over the place. This made the entire area a no-go zone for locals for many years. Without the necessary resources, all that the local council could offer were a few ‘no litter’ signs, when in reality a full-time ranger would have been the ideal solution. However, thanks to a dedicated group of local residents and zone wardens, this once derelict woodland has been transformed into a haven for wildlife, and a beautiful area for wildlife lovers and responsible dog walkers to enjoy.


(Click image to enlarge).

Yes, there are still a few areas of litter and dog fouling, but the improvement is marked.

I took a walk to the woods this afternoon, and despite the recent storms and flooding; which has felled trees and made some of the pathways too muddy to use; I was thrilled to see and hear so much nature. Within seconds a grey squirrel raced up a nearby tree trunk and within minutes I spotted another one!


(Click image to enlarge).

The glorious sound of all the birds chirping and calling to mates (and potential mates) was almost deafening and I nearly forgot that I was actually standing just a few yards from a row of houses. Along with the larger pigeons, collared doves, magpies and a rather splendid jay, I saw robins, great tits and sparrows. On the ground I saw wild violets.


(Click image to enlarge).

I was only in the wood for about ten minutes in total, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and will make regular visits in future so that I can see it throughout the different seasons.

I just hope that the small minority of sofa dumpers, irresponsible dog owners and shrubbery-wreckers don’t get the opportunity to spoil this wonderful space for the rest of us again.

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