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November 1st…

Autumn has arrived although the sun is out

the sky is blue and the temperature

is lovely and mild.

Picture 006

Picture 010

Picture 014

Picture 020

Picture 022

Picture 030

Picture 035

Picture 037

Picture 039

Ghost Wood is covered with a thick

blanket of fallen leaves.

There’s still plenty of flora and fauna around

for those with an interest in birds, fungi, squirrels

and seasonal flowers.


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September Sunshine…

Tuesday 16th of September 2014

and, after a misty start, the sun is out

and the Green is looking very autumnal.

DSCN0027 DSCN0005 DSCN0010 DSCN0011 DSCN0017 DSCN0030DSCN0059  DSCN0034 DSCN0042 DSCN0045 DSCN0049 DSCN0053DSCN0023 DSCN0025

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