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Tree Planting…

A very big
to everyone who came along
to help plant the new saplings
which were given to us by
The Woodland Trust.




Despite the grey weather,
and the fact it was Easter weekend,
it was a great turn-out.
So good to see so many
local people getting involved.


Another big THANK YOU
to the anonymous donor
who paid for the tree protectors
and canes.


This little copse is adjacent
to Ghost Wood and will
enhance the local area
by adding some colour,
and it will encourage
birds and wildlife.


It will also provide
a shady area for families
to enjoy picnics,
while still allowing
plenty of green space
for children to run around on.


The project has the backing of
Colchester Borough Council
and local Counsellors.


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Picture 053

We appear to have a few

pretty little snowdrops

dotted around the slopes.

Picture 040

In Ghost Woods

the fabulous Silver Birches

look rather splendid

against the blue sky.

Picture 029

The trees are full

of chirping birds.

Picture 027

Here’s a short video clip.

(Turn your speakers on!)

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Exciting News!

get ready

In keeping with the KTGC theme
of providing a legacy for
future generations,
we recently applied to
The Woodland Trust
for some free trees.

We are pleased to announce
we have been granted
a copse pack!


We will soon receive
the following saplings:
10 Silver Birch
10 Wild Cherry
10 Rowan


These new trees
will fit in well
with our current species
and will encourage
birds and other wildlife.


We are due to meet
with Colchester Borough Council
to discuss the exact positioning
which will probably be
adjacent to ghost wood.

As soon as we have
further information
we will let you know…

The Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust on Twitter

The Woodland Trust on Facebook

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If You Go Down To The (Award Winning) Woods Today…

….you’ll be amazed at how many birds you see and hear!



I spotted robins, magpies, blue tits and pigeons but I could hear

literally dozens of other species. This really is a very special haven for wildlife

and we must do all we possibly can to preserve it so that everyone can enjoy it.

Click here for a short video:

Ghost Wood also has water running through it.

Click here for a short video:



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First Visit of 2015…

I’ve just taken a sunny but very chilly walk around Greenstead Slopes and Ghost Wood for the first time of this New Year. I saw lots of lovely birds due to the absence of foliage on most of the trees; robins, pigeons, a splendid jay as well as lots of pretty little other things flying about; however the downside to there being high visibility is that they can spot you a mile off. Subsequently I didn’t manage to capture much in the way of bird photos.





 (Click on photos 2, 3 & 4 to enlarge Рyou might spot a couple of birds).

Jack Frost has been busy and at noon there was still a bitter chill in the air. On the positive side this made the mud in the woods much firmer to walk on, although some of the boggier areas on the slopes were icy. I was quite surprised to see catkins out as I walked along the stream.




The council have been out chopping back all the flora on the slopes, which now looks a massive space, albeit relatively featureless. Hopefully it’ll all grow back in the spring.



It still beggars belief that some dog owners are responsible enough to bother to bag up their pet’s ‘leavings‘ but not quite responsible enough to walk a few yards to the nearest red bin. However frustrating though it is a little better than those who continue to allow their dogs to use the area as a public toilet.

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A Warm Summer Evening…

Picture 042

It’s July, and what a fabulous time of year to take an early evening stroll around

Greenstead Slopes and Ghost Wood.

Picture 050


Picture 059

This evening the tall grass was almost deafening with the sound of

grasshoppers and crickets,

while the birds in nearby trees were busy singing away.

Picture 080

An abundance of hedgerow butterflies were just about everywhere.

Big ones, small ones and every size in between.

Picture 032

Picture 056

Picture 060

Without all of the litter, and with the dog poop minimal,

this really is a very pleasant place to spend a warm summer evening nowadays.

Picture 037

Picture 040

Picture 071

Picture 013

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