About KTGC

This blog is all about a project in Colchester called ‘Keep The Green Clean’. It’s based at The Greenstead Slopes at the top of Greenstead Estate and includes the woods (Ghost Woods) and the stream (Porter’s Brook). It was set up by local people due to the amount of litter that was scattered all over the area, making it an unpleasant environment for children, families and dog-walkers. After much hard work by a team of valuable volunteers, the green is looking much nicer but it is an uphill struggle to maintain. This blog aims to raise awareness of the issues and of the hard work being done every day in order to keep the green a pleasant environment for everyone who wishes to use it. Here are a few ‘before’ photos just to show you the type of problems which have been tackled, alongside the ‘everyday’ litter and, of course, the ongoing battle with dog mess…







As you can see, this was quite an eyesore! The aim is to rid the green of as much of this rubbish as is humanly possible, to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hopefully to get the adjacent stream running freely again some day….

Below is a map of the area surrounding the green.


(Click on map to enlarge).

green map

If you’d like to help to Keep The Green Clean please send an email to keepthegreenclean@gmail.com

For information regarding Rubbish & Recycling in Colchester,

please click here Colchester Borough Council 

There have been previous projects to tidy the area.

Please see here:


and here:


and here:


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