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Summer Sunshine…

Picture 008

Picture 017

It’s the first of August and the slopes are positively buzzing with a million,

no a BILLION, grasshoppers!

Picture 018

Picture 020

Picture 023

Picture 028

The wildlife currently in the woods and on the slopes is amazing.

In just one hour I saw dozens of different types of butterflies

along with a variety of bees.

Picture 031

Picture 035

Picture 036

This is what a ‘proper’ meadow should look like – tall grasses full of thistles,

clover and a vast array of plants I don’t happen to know the names of,

along with mowed areas for people to enjoy the open spaces

with a picnic or simply sunbathing on a summer’s day.

Picture 041

Picture 042

Picture 046

Picture 052

Picture 063

We’re extremely lucky to have such a wonderful area right on our doorsteps

to enjoy whenever we want to.

Long may it continue to be as fabulous as it is right now…

Picture 068

Picture 070

Picture 073

Picture 085

Picture 094


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