Houston, We Have a Problem…

On a sunny spring-like February Sunday afternoon,

Greenstead Slopes should be looking a lot like this:

Picture 009

Picture 030
Picture 033
Picture 053

However, this is the horror that I was faced with instead:

Picture 023

It seems that our hard-working ‘Greenstead Wombles’ litter-picking team have been facing an uphill struggle these past few weeks with a rather unpleasant task. It’s not THEIR job to clear up other people’s dog poop but they’ve decided to at least bag it up in the vain hope that whoever is/are allowing their pet/s to foul our beautiful green spaces might just realise that it’s NOT acceptable.

Picture 004

Picture 006
Picture 017
Picture 024

There are RED dog bins dotted about all around the area,

you can’t fail to spot them,

and much of the poop is deposited within a few feet of a bin –

which beggars belief!

You bring a pet into your household,
You feed that pet,
Your pet has a bum!
Your pet poops,

It really is that simple.

We are asking for responsible local people to help find out who is doing this

so that appropriate legal action can be taken.

Colchester Borough Council has a page on their website for reporting of fly-tipping,

so it would be a good idea to also use this form to inform them of dog fouling:


PLEASE help us to put an end to this disgusting behaviour so that we can all,

once again, enjoy these fabulous areas without worrying about stepping in something hideous.


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  1. 2

    Me said,

    I know this is an old post but I have two dogs I walk several times a day and used to be a professional dog walker, and I am sick and tired of the amount of dog poo I encounter on our walks!!

    There is one path in particular near us where you can’t walk more than a few inches without finding yet another dog poo, and when my dog does a number two and his is surrounded by three others in a one foot radius it does seem pointless picking it up…but we still do!

    I’m also tired of all the suspicious glances I get when my dog goes to the toilet – YES I am going to pick it up, you don’t have to stand and watch or glare at me!! Also if there is no poo bin in the next 20 minutes of walking, I do leave the poo bag tucked out of the way to collect on my return – I’ve had a few people yell at me for doing this, and have had to calmly explain that I did contact the local council to check it was okay!!

  2. 3

    karenwaddy said,

    Really pleased to hear that despite others are too lazy or ignorant to clean up after their pets, you have the courtesy to do so.

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